About Archangel Capital

Secure, high-yield real estate investments for time-strapped investors.

Our Story

Founded to better the lives of all.

In 2020, we founded Archangel Capital to continue the mission we originally embarked on when we began real estate investing in 2012 — to support our families, to better the lives of our investors, and to improve housing options within our communities.

Our Philosophy

Real Estate for Restoration

Time > Money.

You’re serious about your time and don’t want to waste it. We make sure your investments are successful so that you can invest your time in what matters most to you.

We’re Honest.

We say what we think so you’ll always know where we stand. We are forthright in all things and communicate clearly and often. We don’t expect our investors to be looking over our shoulders, and they don’t feel the need to.


Invested. Safe.

Invest with us and rest easy knowing your money is secure. You work hard for your money and we are fierce about keeping that money working for you.


We Leave it Better.

We don’t accept the belief that you have to sacrifice your soul to make serious profits. We strive to beat market returns, and be a force for good for our tenants, city, and stakeholders at the same time. We believe that people should be proud to live in their city and their homes, and we believe our work makes the city a safer, better place.

We’re Disciplined.

We don’t choose an investment strategy because it is in vogue or common practice. We are disciplined free thinkers who are willing to question the status quo, and this enables us to see deals that others can’t. We never settle for mediocre deals. Our investors trust us because we don’t get caught up in trends and we know a bad deal when we see it.

In it for the Long Haul.

We build mutually beneficial relationships with our investors that, like our investments, grow in value over time. We aren’t afraid of giving returns in the short term; as a matter of fact, we love it when we can return your investment quickly. If we’re trustworthy with your investment now, we know that you’ll trust us with more later.

Our Strategy

Simple. Repeatable.

At Archangel Capital we prioritize asset security above all else. Returning your hard-earned money is our number one priority. After that, our focus, and our strategy, is to take a reproducible approach to our real estate investing.

We target Class C multifamily apartment buildings and mixed-use commercial buildings that are in serviceable condition.

We will typically completely overhaul the interior of the building and exterior if need be. We prefer to invest in areas that are near or very near a major city, that have stable but slowly growing populations. These areas we find have the best combination of stability, but also potential for outsized growth, though we never rely on it. We will then tenant the property, then sell or refinance with one of our partner lenders.

What Our Investors Say About Us

“In the years I’ve invested with Erich, I’ve been impressed with his ability to uncover great deals—with high returns—even in very challenging market environments. He operates with high-integrity, communicating clearly & frequently with investors while also ensuring tenants are treated with respect and dignity.”

Michael Bianco

Software Engineer

“I initially invested with Erich in 2018. Erich has provided a fantastic experience for me as an investor, where he has been transparent and available in discussing his investments and the opportunities he envisions for growth and returns. Because of this positive experience, I invested additional capital with Erich in 2019. Throughout my entire experience as a stakeholder of Erich’s real estate ventures, I have trusted Erich to make wise and thoughtful decisions with my money and provide a great return on my investment. I have recommended Erich as a landlord and as a trusted manager of investment capital to my peers, friends, and family. “

Nate Miller

Manager, Accounting Research and Policy

“I’ve been investing with Erich for about a decade and we’ve completed both short term and long term investments over that time. He is knowledgeable, trustworthy, experienced, great to work with, and comes through for his clients. I can say that when I work with Erich I have complete peace of mind knowing my investments are in good hands. Will definitely continue to do business with him in the future without hesitation. Highly recommended.”

Pete Johnson

Director of Product Management

Erich Beyer

Founder and CEO, Archangel Capital

After graduating from Grove City College with a degree in Finance, Erich took a position at The Vanguard Group and immediately began his investment career by buying his first property in 2012. An experienced negotiator and tenacious real estate investor, Erich has made profitable deals appear when other companies have complained of tightening margins and a lack of opportunity.

We maximize your investment so you can do what matters most.