Secure, high-yield real estate investments for time-strapped investors.

Two ways to invest


Our Evergreen investment option is just that. You invest with us, and we keep you updated on the state of the business, providing quarterly financials so you can track the strength of your investment. The return on the Evergreen option is 6% APR.

The benefit of this option is you stay fully invested no matter the climate; the drawback is the lower relative return.

While many similar options require a 3-7 year lock up period, we have no lock up period with a one year notice.

Project-Based Investing

Our short term investment offering is a project-based option that is tied directly to a specific deal. The return on our project based option varies by project, but we target returns in the mid-teens+.

The benefit of this option is the higher return; the drawback is your assets are invested only for the duration of the deal.

Many comparable private equity options promise returns in the mid-teens, but return mid-single digits. We will discuss our strategy at length with you prior to your investment. 

We can also develop a custom investment investment option based on your need.

A Recent Deal

Interested in investing with Archangel Capital? See an example of a recent deal we have completed.

Purchase price: $300,000

Purchase Date: March 2021

Rehab: $100,000

Exit Date: December 2021

Current Value: $750,0000


A recent deal we completed was a five unit apartment building in downtown Phoenixville. The property was in need of signficant rehab, and were able to negotiate an excellent purchase price. Most of the units were redone, and all were brough to market rates. We refinanced the property 9 months after purchase, and we returned our investors’ assets the day after the exit.

In It for the Long Haul

We build mutually beneficial relationships with our investors that, like our investments, grow in value over time. We aren’t afraid of giving returns in the short term; as a matter of fact, we love it when we can return your investment quickly. If we’re trustworthy with your investment now, we know that you’ll trust us with more later.

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